home remedies for cold and cough

 Home remedies for cold winter home remedies for cold and cough
home remedies for cold and cough- cold and cough treatment-  In the winter season, many small diseases like chronic cold fever, such as cold growing, etc., surround the body. In winter, most of the cold is caused by the spread of its virus,
its negligence negliges the human being near these diseases. He brings medicines to get rid of them. This is 50-50 of the chances of him getting cured. If he gets cured, then the body gets worse. The immunity of the body works a lot, which makes the body feel very weak.
Friends, cold winter, 90% people go to the doctor in a hurry and bring expensive claims but there is no guarantee of these medicines that the cold fever will occur or not, most of the medicines are quick to relax but their side The effect is also very much that you are ignorant, although all the
people have PTA about home remedies, but if you do not know how much – and how to use it then Was right after using you can turn easily without the side effects of these peak early relief from major diseases is
But there are some home remedies at home that can not only harm you, but you can also get rid of these diseases, but also keep your Immunti Pawar alive.
cold and cough treatment
So let’s know about those home remedies.
If you too have problems like colds, colds, coughs, then with the help of these 10 home remedies, you will get relief quickly.
Turmeric is a very good solution to prevent colds and coughs. It also removes the problem of closed nose and sore throat. On cold and cough, it is beneficial to consume two spoons of turmeric powder in a glass of milk.
Heat the milk before adding it to the milk. This will remove the sore throat and sore throat. It also protects from burning in the chest. For treatment of Hati nose, burn the turmeric and burn it, it will increase the flow of water from the nose and get immediate relief.
home remedies for cold and cough
home remedies for cold and cough
home remedies for cold and cough
Wheat bran- home remedies for cold and cough
You can also use wheat husk for treatment of colds and cough. Mix 10 grams of wheat husk, five cloves and some salt in water and boil it and make a decoction. Drinking a cup of it will give you
instant relief. However, colds are usually light, with symptoms ranging from one week to less or less. Using wheat husk will give you relief from the problem.
home remedies for cold and cough
home remedies for cold and cough-Basil – cold and cough treatment
Basil’s effective home remedies for treating common cold and cough are basil, it is beneficial in the cold weather. There are many beneficial properties in Tulsi, which are effective in prevention
of cold and flu. Chewing the leaves of basil keeps cold and flu away. After coughing and cold, grind its leaves (every 5grams) and mix them in water and prepare the decoction. Drinks get relief from it.
home remedies for cold and cough
Ginger is very beneficial in cold and cold. Ginger is called Maha-Dashi, it contains vitamins, proteins etc. If a person has cough cough, then boil ginger and milk in the milk while sleeping at night. Drinking ginger tea helps in colds. Apart from this, mixing ginger juice with honey, it provides relief.
home remedies for cold and cough
pepper powder
This is a very good residential treatment for cold and cough cough. Take two pinches, turmeric powder two pinches, nour powder two pinches, cloves powder a pinch and a big cardamom half pinch, and put them all in a glass of milk and boil it. Mixing sugar mixed in this milk cures colds. Use sugar by mixing sugar with Stevia Tulsi instead of Sugar.
home remedies for cold and cough
Cardamom is not only a great spice but it also protects from winter and cold. After cold, grind cardamom and apply it on the napkin, it cures colds and coughs. In addition, drinking cardamom in tea provides relief.
home remedies for cold and cough
Herbal tea
Drinking medicinal tea in winter and cold is very beneficial. Colds are common due to colds, headaches, fever and cough, so drinking herbal tea is beneficial for you. It removes cold and sweats, and gets relief.
If the cold becomes fat, if the cuff becomes thick, yellow and smelly and there is pain in the head, then take herbal tea to remove it.
home remedies for cold and cough
Kapoor’s use is also beneficial for winter protection. Snuffing a pillow of camphor wrapped in a napkin, it is easy to smell and the closed nose is opened. In addition to this, the camphor sniffs away from it. Using Kapoor’s pellet, you can protect against colds and colds.
home remedies for cold and cough
Black pepper
Adding half a spoonful of black pepper powder and one spoonful sugar candy, one cup of hot milk is available to drink about three times a day. Drinking a glass of hot milk on chewing 10 black peppers at night gives relief. Mixing black pepper mixed with honey licks the cough and
home remedies for cold and cough
Basil and ginger tea


Whatever the weather, the tulsi ginger and black pepper tea can give you much relief from winter cold and throat pain immediately. There are many antibiotic found in basil basil, which also helps keep the immunity of the body as well as eliminate toxins. In this, CaryOPHYLLENE ascorbic acid carotene (vitamin A), everyday acids urosolic acid, APIGENIN. Selenium, zinc is very beneficial for manganese ginger and black pepper glaze. This tea provides heat from the inside body so that the body is warm.
Basil has many medicinal properties, its use is considered very beneficial for cold-cold, cough, dental disease and respiratory disease.
Chewing soft leaves of basil gives relief from cough and eyes.
Drinking honey made with a mixture of honey, ginger and basil gives relief in bronchitis, asthma, cough and cold. The decoction made from salt, cloves and basil leaves gives instant relief in influenza (a kind of fever).
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